Sunday, February 13, 2011


23 miles
3:03 hours
830 feet gained
I skipped a week because it was made up of one very frustrating run where I knocked out 8-ish miles and 1500 feet on stagecoach, but more importantly flared up my achilles big-time.
Upon getting over the combination of anger at being hurt and fear of not recovering well, I got back to moving, though with pretty conservative goals. My pain seemed to be fairly pinpointed on the interior right achilles, and would flair up right after I got done climbing, leading to the strange sensation of it feeling ok going up but not coming down. My focus instead was to get to really working on my form and force the barefoot and recovery. Running fast on flat trails did not seem to be an irritant, so perhaps in the next few weeks I will try to pick up a little bit of speed. After an array of short runs through the week, and a lot of time in the Truckee River and Auburn Canal, I was ready to try out some climbing. Ideally I would be doing this somewhere that would be easy to bail out if things acted up, and without having to run back down what I just went up. Such a "trail" does exist, but has always been the kind of thing I scoffed at... until now. On Saturday I ran for 5.5 miles on a TREADMILL, getting a) about 830 feet in one push, and b) drenched in sweat. Mentally it was fairly challenging, but with the addition of music to my run, I had a pleasant time. It was a pretty far cry from heading up a mountain, but it was also painless a painless "ascent". So I grudgingly admit, I will probably find my way back onto it a couple more times in the near future

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  1. welcome to the club. i'm not a huge fan of the 'mill either, but when i can't drive up to auburn and/or don't have access to a 5-6 mile climb at 10% to rack up the vert, it seems to be an artificial pleasure:) good work!