Monday, April 2, 2007

Running Blogs I Like to Read

Auburn Running Company Blog - I used to work here. Good local resource.

Anton Krupicka - Great runner, great writer. Tony is devoted runner who's confidence is backed up by a long list of accomplishments. He is somebody I relate to not only as young man in an old man's sport, but in his Ed Abbey influenced running bum approach. He is also a genuinely nice guy.

Anthony Molina - An ex - classmate, I have known Anthony since summer football practice prior to our freshman year of high school. Dude likes to work out and is starting to love running.

Dakota Jones - Besides being an incredibly talented and driven runner, Dakota is a good writer with a sense of humor that I appreciate.

Geoff Roes - Insights into the mind and training of one of the best ever.

Jacob Rydman
- A good friend and up and comer on the mountain ultra scene. His faith shows through in his attitude and blog, in a pleasant way (high praise from a devout agnostic and frequent antagonist such as myself).

Joe Grant - Joe's website not only features thought provoking and inspiring blog posts, but some lovely photos as well.

Karl Meltzer - LEGEND.

Nick Clark - Nick is a badass Mountain runner. His blog is heavy on the weekly totals.

Renaissance in the West - A multi-authored blog that I contribute to. The content range is broad but running does work its way in from time to time.

Rogue Valley Runners - This lighthearted blog has a finger on the pulse of the Ashland trail running crew.

Tim Olson - Talented runner and mellow dude with some well written race reports.


Monsters of Massage
- Veloyce WILL FIX YOU

Running School - Non-profit kids fitness organization I proudly work with, headed by the great Brad Kearns.