Thursday, February 3, 2011

1/23-1/29 Hope

18 miles
2:18 hours
0 feet/gained
I took it very easy this week, when all I really wanted was to go hard. I was in Auburn working on shirts for the Running School Fun Run, and ended up just just boppin' out a couple of short runs on the canal and barefoot stuff at the park. By the end of the week I was running kinda fast and feeling good. Unfortunately, To kick off this current week I needed to start going hard and long, and as a result my achilles is quite inflamed. I can jog around, but ascents seems to be ripping me up. So, WTC is out, Silver State is still in.


  1. sorry to hear about wtc, but if silver state is on for ya, I'm there to help with whatever you need.

  2. I will be rooting for you at Cool bud. My achilles seems to be ok, I just have to stay away from the vertical gain right now.