Sunday, March 6, 2011

2/27-3/5 - Italian Tune-up

41.25 miles
5:37 hours
0 ft/gained
There were a few runs but none of note in the missing weeks here. I was caught up in the chaos of multiple storms dumping on the sierras, distrust of my tender achilles, and fairly significant work responsibilities (one could say that my restaurant job in fact places me with very little responsibility, but I was there 10 of 11 days with a few double shifts thrown in to make a final cash grab during presidents' weekend and the following "ski week"). Now my stint at the restaurant is over and with it goes the snowy tipi lifestyle. I will be back an forth between Reno and Auburn from now until I figure out a summer job. This week was a reminder of why I often state my disdain for snow. Running on the dirt of the canal trail (hence the non-existent gain) has been nearly too much fun. I spent the week cruising around, making a point to baby my lower legs, until Saturday evenings run in the rain, where I finally let the dogs off leash and crushed out 5 miles, followed up with some primal style fun (pullups, pushup, tire flips, and most importantly, all-out sprints) in the warm rain. The sprinting seemed to really polish off whatever inflammation was going on in my achilles, because since then I haven't had that strange painful snagging tugging feeling that I was nearly used to but fairly concerned about. Care is still the order of the week, since I though I had this shook in mid January, only to be let down when I started running on the terrain that I live for (up and down). I will probably spend another week running the canal as a precaution before I test out the moving parts on cardiac or stagecoach. It should be noted that the canal is dominating my life right now, as I attribute the return of my springy step to frequent and lengthy stands in the cold water with Austin just as much as any previously stated positive training.

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