Monday, January 2, 2012


HEY. I started 2012 off my favorite way with a run down Cal St. with Jacob and Austin. SO MUCH DAMN FUN. I have been running well and enjoying the non-winter in the Sierras as much as one could, getting ready for a couple of spring races: Way Too Cool and Zion 100. I am also excited to announce my partnership with New Balance Roseville as a member of their Race Team. Chris Ross is making a pretty big effort to take care of us, ( I'm not sure who all the other members are just yet) and I for one really grateful for his passion for the sport.  I have been quite happy with what New Balance has been doing in terms of trail flats for the last several years, and also with last years road minimus shoe. Check out the shop if you want to fly around the trails in some of those kicks.

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