Saturday, May 7, 2011

We are but Beasts! 5/1-7

Started this week with Diablo and just kept going. Tuesday's run from the Overlook to Murphey's Gate and back was a fun refresher and reminder of the area's I sorely need improvement on (descending form, turnover, maintaining an even pace on a rolling course).
The heavy back half of the week was a ton of fun, just getting up and down Peavine everyday in a mechanically consistent fashion in spite of the ebb and flow of perceived strength through the week. A couple of highlights from my summit fixation include; unexpectedly running in to Anthony on Wednesday's ascent and introducing Jacob to Peavine by way of a Friday midnight summit (Tyler and Austin were also with us on this moonless night) followed by three hours of sleep before getting up and attempting to double summit (he was successful, I was not) before he had to get back down the hill. I am very pleased with my recovery and am proud to pull off my largest week ever, with an even 100 and just over 20,000 feet gained.

I nearly blew out my quads this week and now hopefully will blow out your ears. Metal fans will be familiar with the next couple tracks, non-metal heads might find something you like because this is a sampling of the best.

This was an excellent metal week for me, starting with TBDM, the kings of extreme metal, releasing a new track and news that their record is complete and available mid-June.

I saw BTBAM rock this on Tuesday night. They played a perfect (as always) 90 minute set.

The breakdown at the end of this jam was on loop in my head on several runs this week. Conducting pummels you with this one. I love it, though the lyrics are a bit brutal even for the genre. Similarly, The Acacia Strain singer, Vincent, writes some pretty negative stuff but it is quite creative and tongue- in-cheek. (pretty well done fan video below).

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