Saturday, March 26, 2011


34.5 miles
5:28 hours
3350' gained
This was a planned down week before I ramp up for the next two months. I took a couple days off and spent most of the week feeling strong and energetic. I was quite happy Monday morning's mellow run up and down stagecoach with my good friend Monte Barnard. Monte is the vocalist for one of my favorite bands, THE ANTIOCH SYNOPSIS, (Follow the link to stream or get a free download of all of their recorded material) who played an awesome set last weekend opening up for After the Burial and As I Lay Dying. They are playing a couple more shows in the Sacramento-Reno area in coming months, so check them out. Thursday I got out in the rain twice. My morning run included double ascents of cardiac (800' in just over 3/4 mile), and a fast return on the canal where I tried to "hunt" down a runner I saw about 1/4-1/2 mile ahead. I don't know where they went but I knocked out roughly 1.5 miles in a little under 10 minutes and it felt GOOD. This was also my first run of significant length (11 miles) in the NB Trail Minimus. I am really happy with them so far, except when running a short stretch over a pile of sharp rocks along the railroad tracks where there are NO smooth places to step. Thursday evening I got out again, this time to cruise the canal with Jacob. I am very grateful to have him in my life, for I consider him to be both a friend but also someone to emulate, in running and attitude. I know he will be giving it his all at AR50 in a couple weeks and I expect the combination of training and mindset to guide him to a worthy performance. Keep an eye out for mountain tigers everyone!

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