Sunday, March 20, 2011


39.5 Miles
6:13 Hours
3650 ft/gained
Uphill success! I had several deliberately (sloow) paced climbing efforts this week. First, a test up stagecoach's 875' from the river back to town, followed a couple days later by 2x k2 (15:05,15:01) plus a stagecoach cool-down. Running in the rain has been great in that it offers solitude if one desires it (love it). I didn't see many folks out this week. My focus the last three weeks was to reawaken my body to running on a nearly daily basis, and allow the annoying hangups in my lower legs to work themselves out. This approach seemed to work and now my sights are firmly set on racking up the vertical. I regard Silver State as a course catered towards the strong rather than fast, and as a result will try to really get my climbing legs in top form over the next two months.

Love this song/record/band

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