Saturday, January 8, 2011


37 miles
7:06 hours
6500 ft/gained
I am much more pleased with the total time on my feet this week rather than mileage completed. I was not moving particularly fast on my three runs this week, but that is in line with my makeshift attempt to get some sort of base in before Way Too Cool in roughly 2 months. I am taking off significant time each week because I still have little trust in my body to handle high mileage after taking off the better part of 2010 with a slow healing stress fracture. Instead of my preferred daily routine, I am following the advice of good friend and mentor Brad Kearns, who has repeatedly suggested that cramming lots of quality workouts into a short part of the week would be to my benefit. This seems to be working alright, as my body is settling into the long runs in the snow (I have yet to gain much appreciation for running in the sloppy or deep stuff). All in all I still find myself drawn to and missing those weeks where I am running more than once a day. For now I am happy with what I have and look forward to getting on the track in a few weeks to find a little bit of speed for what is sure to be a blazing fast race in March.

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