Saturday, December 11, 2010


30.5 miles
4:50 hours
2300 feet gained
I worked within the combined limits of a very hectic school week and a non-compliant ankle this week, so I ended up cutting out what was to be a long hard run Saturday. I planned to take the first four days of the week of to work on other things, and then begin a short and intense run this Thursday on Cardiac. Friday Austin and I ran the final 23 miles of the(NEW) WTC course in a warm rain. I intentionally kept the pace easy and was happy to cruise around the very fast (Ball Bearing's "replacement" route up to ALT covers about 700 ft in 3 miles...) course in a pedestrian 3:45. I tweaked my ankle a bit in one of the 10+ stream crossings but it seemed fine until this morning. The 5 hour work night didn't work out all the stiffness as one would hope. Seeing that weight bearing was pretty uncomfortable, I tried to warm it up with no success. This led me to blow off today's longish, slow, snowslog "run" I had planned. It feels like things will get back in working order shortly though, and as a result im my general pleasure with yesterday's long run I went ahead and signed up for Way Too Cool. Time to go stick my leg in a snowdrift.

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