Saturday, December 4, 2010

11/28-12/4 weekly totals

38.5 miles
6:50 hours
6900 ft/gained
I am overjoyed to be getting in meaningful runs again in the mountains, even if it means I am post-holing through several feet of "Sierra Cement". Fortunately for me, though to the chagrin of my snowboarding friends, storms are few and far between up here, so I can look forward to breaking in a couple of trails. I am gratefully quite busy wrapping up a fairly hefty semester workload and look forward to the reward of my scholarly days coming to an end, or at least going on a long hiatus. The biggest change related to this is my in-progress move to Truckee, where I will live through the winter and early spring in a tipi with my brother (Tipi tales available here).
Really happy to be racking up gain again, but taking it really easy on the descents, as I just don't have tons of confidence in my recover-ed/ing tibia. My numbers aren't huge this week, but they came over just four runs, one of which was more of investment in breaking a couple miles of trail than workout.


  1. Those are solid numbers. The time and vertical are very pleasing to the eye. Great work man, looking forward to some snow-trudging/tipi sleeping.

  2. It is great to be back, now I just need to work this into a 5-7 day a week thing instead of 2-3!