Sunday, May 16, 2010


What a season!
This week started with a blustery, hand numbingly cold and wet run in Reno and ended with a warm, dusty run to Cool and back. My only drinking water came out of the sprinklers that were on in the middle of the day (What water crisis?) at the fire-station. Snow melt has the waterways swollen and I am taking full advantage, check out these very recently used public baths!
(Black Hole of Calcutta Falls, on the WS trail. A great spot to get a shower, wash blood off your face/out of your beard, or go for the full submersion.)

(A fun place to swim across the American River. The crossing just below the rapids is a crucial part of the ConLer loop, the official summer kickoff run. The dam scars sure are ugly though!)

(The Death Zone. My favorite Auburn ice bath. This runs through my parent's backyard as well as for a couple miles along the Sierra Nevada course just at the top of Cardiac Hill.)

Additionally, I got my first 60 mile week in a while, and it felt good. A couple of trips up Cardiac and a decent run up K2 are getting the climbing muscles back in shape. One week from today I will be done with the semester and couldn't be more excited to get up to the mountains.

DIO is dead!

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  1. Stoked about your consistent and quality running and envious you'll be running Tahoe mountains throughout the summer.