Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cross Training

I feel like I am not alone among runners in my disdain at the thought. I run because its fun, which is not something I can say for cycling, (Ok, sometimes I have fun on the MTB, and cruising around on my black two speed is alright when I need to get somewhere) swimming, or lifting weights. XT seems like a general waste of time and energy that I would MUCH RATHER put into a run.

(Kenny Powers bringing heat)

I much prefer to look at my weekly running log and see upwards of ten runs a week, and right now that seems to be working great. The way I see it, different terrain and daily goals expose my legs to a smattering of different forms of fatigue and though body parts take turns hurting here and there, it is nothing enough to complain about in earnest. My weekly schedule is starting to become comfortingly routine, (since a frightening Achilles strain in February) and looks a little something like this:
4-5 modest effort/elevation gains (800Ft or more in a single shot. I am currently in the foothills after all).
4-6 rolling/flattish runs.
3-6 barefoot cool downs (sometimes these end up not being cool downs at all, as incorporating 100m strides adds some excitement to the laps around a soccer field) lasting 8-15 minutes.
Overall weekly mileage is hovering around the bare minimum of what I consider beneficial training in the 45-60 region but I am building at a much slower approach compared to the usual impulsive rush into higher miles. I’m actively avoiding any long runs, which is a bit of a tease with a body that feels hardened and ready to get after it. School is a good excuse to keep my runs contained to sub 90 minutes, but the semester end is just around the corner and the sudden excess of free time is going to line up nicely with my need to go out long enough to get a good sunburn.

Does slacklining count as XT? It’s yer call!

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