Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Tales of Boulder

7/21 - I was lucky enough to explore Chautauqua Park today. Jess and Duffy went for a hike and I took off on the trail that seemed like it would be the best combination of long and steep. Running was about as easy as I expected since I dropped about 5,000 feet. I did lose a little bit of that advantage once I got to the second part of the summit up to Royal Arch as it was very steep and technical and I had to slow down even though my motor didn't want to. I passed a lot of hikers but that's what you get for going to a park in the middle of a beautiful day. After climbing around for a little bit I headed back down the trail and made my way to the bottom of the wall on the Third Flat Iron, another ascent/descent had me up and back to the bottom of the wall on the Second Flat Iron and headed down and back up again to the top of the First Flat Iron. Down again and after spending a little bit of time getting lost in Gregory Canyon I found my way back to the park. Great run over all.
7/22 - So the Toad was doing some funky stuff (lights dimming, battery idiot light showing, power steering failure) Hoping that it would be the simple (though not super cheap) fix of replacing a battery I muscled the steering wheel down to an auto parts store and after a quick check and some helpful input from the employees who know about such things we determined that it was not the battery and potentially a problem with the alternator belt. Sure enough after looking around I saw the pulleys that were supposed to have the alternator belt on them but alas! no belt to be found. 20 bucks later we discovered that the crank pulley was busted and therefore the reason for the missing alternator belt. After some waiting around and more money spent the problem had the apperance of being successfully fixed. Let's hope that I did it right because I have a lot of miles to go.

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