Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Leadville Wrap.

7/18 - Ran roughly 10 miles to get up Mosquito Pass, it was hard as hell and the beginning of a not so cool trend that has me getting nauseous on runs. This pass owned my soul last summer and it was a bit of redemption to get up it this time even if I did have to deal with ridiculous motorcycles and jeeps going up and down, and in some cases blowing up some parts and spewing black smoke into a nice cloud I got to run through (because breathing is just too easy above 10,000 feet otherwise). Bonus points to the fellow with a huge gun on a tripod (i don't know if that's what they call it but it looked like one to me) set up on the hood of his car who was practicing for whatever it is these people practice for. Guns scare me.
After my run I was able to have a good chuckle over the irony that I was reading Angle of Repose by Stegner and unbeknown to me there is a large section of the book on the earliest boom days in Leadville and a very well described tale of a wagon ride over Mosquito Pass. I took this sweet photo to try to share a little sample of the metaphysical themes of this trip, PB sandwiches and maps. Oooo cute.

7/19 - Got a nice 12ish miler in on my way out of town today. second consecutive run that I got nauseous. Got a good cool down and clean up by jumping in Turquoise Lake then headed to Boulder. Boulder was hot and I was pretty beat so I was feeling pretty grateful to fill my belly up with Chipotle. Oh, the comforts of suburban conformity.

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