Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This morning marked the second time within a week that I was treated to a free breakfast from the canyon. Auburn can be a tough spot to live in the summer because of the overwhelming heat, though it hasn't been as painful as usual this summer, with the exception of WS Weekend of course. One of the consolations of still being here instead of the high country is the abundance of blackberries that just began to ripen and will continue to flourish for the next 6 weeks. Today on my cooldown from a subpar workout, I stopped at the railroad tracks and filled my UD bottle (after dumping its previous contents on my head) and my sensitive post-run stomach with the tasty, well defended fruit. It was a short walk home from there and I sat down in the shade to feast and jam to the new Suicide Silence record No Time to Bleed (highly recommended to those that enjoy heavy music).

I am falling into the desirable summer routine of a morning run, long recovery/lazy time, doing some sort of task/work for the day followed by another workout and an early night in bed. Having that bit of stability is pretty nice considering the the emotional roller coaster that has been my life the last couple of weeks. As the combination of difficult realities have continued to pile up, they have served as a reminder to how I can really be nothing but grateful to be running almost everyday on the trails that I love.
Peace Suckas!

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