Saturday, June 13, 2009

Daniel Quinn, Death Metal, Doughnuts, Dudes

I just got back from some snow free high elevation running and now that I can breathe again I am happy to report the short trip as a major success. The running was hard, the food was generally uncooked, and we even had a surprise appearance from Dean. Unfortunately the inanimate version of him couldn't sign autographs or come join us for a treadmill run.
(Austin with his hero, The Ultramarathon Man)
More importantly I finally got around to reading the Daniel Quinn’s follow up to Ishmael, The Story of B. I highly recommend both books starting with Ishmael first. Daniel Quinn has done more then any author or professor to really shape my worldview and I really appreciate the connections he is able to put together that are otherwise hiding in plain sight.

Now I just need to get my things in order over the next couple of days so I can take off to my fairly mysterious location of summer employment.
(Doing my part to beautify the village)

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