Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Way Too Soon

Way Too Cool 50k is coming up in less then two weeks and I am feeling wholly under prepared. The last time I ran was Feb. 21 and though I felt great about the 22 miles we did that day, that is 9 miles less then what I need to do race day. Though my general fitness is a cause for some concern it is overshadowed by the on again off again shin splints I have been dealing with since mid-January. I had to skip what would have been my last intense long run in my Cool buildup and have instead spent Way Too Much time icing, massaging, biking, and RESTING when I otherwise feel great and am dying to be out running. What I am worried about most is that by race day my shins will feel good enough that I can go run, but in doing so screw up the healing process and go through this same recovery/half ass routine again. The worst thing about the shin pain is that it isn't overpoweringly painful to that point that I can't run. I usually can get them to loosen up after a few miles and can forget about them except on long descents. I already tried to "run through" the pain in the early parts of February and that made the injury much worse. Hopefully my torturous session at Monsters of Massage yesterday has me fit to run tomorrow, because going for bike rides just isn't cutting it right now.

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