Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, certain elements of my plan to live in Flagstaff weren't really working out. No worries though, I just came back to Auburn. It does feel mighty strange to have said goodbye to a place and find myself right back here a month later, but I did miss it more then expected. Lucky for me, I came home in the middle of a dry spell and all trails below 5,000 ft. were in seemingly perfect running condition. It was only too easy to go running everyday and I had some great runs on stretches of the Western States, Way Too Cool, AR 50, and Silver States(I made a "biggest little" trip up to a snow-free Reno) courses.  Unfortunately, going from three days a week to everyday was a little ill advised and my shins started screaming at me and forced me to abandon my hope to run everyday up until Way Too Cool. After almost a week off the shins feel good and the trails are getting really muddy (We do NEED the water, but I sure was happy to take advantage of the dry conditions). Its hard to say where I will go from here, but know I'll be happily running around the American River Canyon until I figure something out. 

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