Thursday, May 5, 2011


This was a strange week. I was hoping to get closer to 60 miles and 15k feet, but halfway through I totally burned out and went through a roller coaster self loathing/ affirming cycle. The week started out pleasantly enough, with a reintroduction to climbing after my R2R2R attempt. Running in the Grand Canyon, while beautiful, was an incredibly difficult day for me. Looking back, 900 calories on a hot day for an effort of such magnitude seems, comically low. Fueling is a bit of a new thing to me as I have been in the habit of stretching 3-5 hour runs on an empty stomach or at most 1-2 gels. This is an approach I like for several reasons, (trains the body to go without, less stuff to carry, gels are expensive) but as my long runs get longer and more intense, sometimes a more aggressive eating approach would be appropriate.
This week's running had several highlights, such as Monday's effort ( I forgot to get a time) on Stagecoach, where I actually felt fast for the first time in a while, which was capped by the catching and leaving in the dust of a feisty mountain biker. The best news of all, however, was the snow free nature of my preferred ascent of Peavine Peak (6 miles from 5,200'-8,200'). The heat is on, and though there is still a deep blanket of white stuff covering the Sierras, the sun is here. I did miss a few days near the end of the week, and though it messed with my psyche a bit, my body just didn't feel right and I am glad for the rest.
Finally I would like to extend a large thank you to Veloyce and Marsha at Monsters of Massage for finding time for physical and spiritual healing, and Chris Ross of New Balance Roseville, for his unwarranted generosity. Through conversation at his store the other day, it became evident how much he cares for the sport and the foothill running community. Cruise by the shop of you haven't tried the NB Minimus Road yet, I just got them and am blown away by how capable they are in the mountains.

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